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Leadership guru Tom Peters created a memorable idea, which has been repeated many times over by many people:

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.

One who repeated it, Roy Bennett (@Inspiring Thinkn) coupled the saying with an image of a pride of lions, perhaps by way of lending it more meaning:

Tom Peters : Leaders


Only about 1 in 8 male lions survives to adulthood (http://bit.ly/18ghzkk). The rest are either killed by the pride male, or kicked out when they reach puberty, and the bands of rejected young males have low life expectancy. If a male takes over another pride, all male cubs are killed.

Are there any questions here for (male) design firm leaders?

  1. When you’re shaving, do you sometimes catch a glimpse of a lion in the mirror?
  2. Have any of your bright young lions wandered off because they didn’t see room for themselves at the top?
  3. Do you ever think about what you need to do to “work yourself out of a job”?
  4. How much power do the females in your pride have?
  5. Do you have trouble “letting go” – of control, of clients, of everything?
  6. Is it more important to you that you survive, or that the pride survives?
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