10 Ways to Uninspire Your Team

by Sally Forth >>

  1. Hold a motivational meeting with your team, then go out for a long lunch while they get to work.
  2. Tell Jim that you are too busy right now to listen to his suggestion on how to improve things in the office.
  3. Listen to Jim’s suggestions on how to improve things in the office, say “That’s great, Jim” and then do nothing about it.
  4. When having a conversation with Mary, keep glancing at her chest.
  5. Reinforce the firm’s policy on social media, and then be caught on Facebook when a team member comes by your desk.
  6. Take credit for a good idea that one of your team members thinks up.
  7. Arrive 15 minutes late for a meeting you are chairing.
  8. Telling your team what they have to do, but skipping why it’s important or how it fits into the overall schedule.
  9. When you fall behind schedule, blame your team.
  10. Failing to take personal responsibility for rework your team has to do.

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