C - Managing Risk

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C03.02 Cutting design fees raises construction costs

March 2, 2015 by Charles Nelson

by Charles Nelson AIA, LFRAIA » A related DesignNode article (C03.01) discusses Paul Tilley’s research in Australia, that showed that design fees had dropped about 25% over a 15-year period, and that documentation quality suffered as a result. This article provides an overview of the second focus of the research, which was to determine if construction was affected by…Continue Reading

C03.01 Document quality consequences of fee-cutting

by Charles Nelson

by Charles Nelson AIA, LFRAIA » Very little research has been done anywhere on the important relationship between design fees and document quality. One notable exception is CSIRO. Paul Tilley and Stephen McFallan of CSIRO conducted a survey program in the late 1990’s, on behalf of a coalition of Australian construction industry sponsors, who sought to…Continue Reading

C01.03 Five Tactics for Using Risk as Your Friend, not Your Enemy

February 27, 2015 by Charles Nelson

by Charles Nelson AIA, LFRAIA, February 2014 » Most design professionals treat risk as a 4-letter word, to be avoided whenever possible. Yet, most projects have more risks lurking in the corners than a flophouse has cockroaches – studiously ignored by your competitors. What a great opportunity! Meanwhile, your clients’ lawyers are working overtime to dream…Continue Reading