Implementing Change

This is Step 10 on the pathway to Taking Control.

Actually, it’s not the last step, it’s just the beginning of a process to rethink the 6 main Facets of Management. The outcome of that rethinking will be a significant change in several – if not all – of the ways your practice operates.

When you arrive at your destination, and get off the bus, you are only at the beginning of the most important part of the journey. So it is here.

The basis of the rest of the journey comes from a core concept in Quality Management: Continual Improvement. “Continual” means exactly that. It never stops.

The 6 Facets of Management

In the upper right of this page, and every page in this site except DNode Library documents, are 6 coloured hexagons. Each of these links to one of the 6 “facets” of managing a design practice,  to a set of pages about its particular facet and relevant DNode Library papers.

Some of what you will find there are methodologies you already know about, but which have new ideas on how to improve the processes involved. See it as a refresher.

You will also find some new strategies that you’ve never encountered before, which can dramatically change the way your practice is perceived. As these perceptions change in your clients’ view, your role becomes more relevant, and more essential, to them.

There are no silver bullets

Unwinding the entrenched traditions of the last 75 years will take time, and a lot of focus. Most of your competitors won’t do it. Those who do will “own the high ground” of the future.

You can do all this yourself. A few firms – very few – are already well into reinventing themselves. You can do it a lot faster, with fewer missteps and rework, with help. If that idea interests you, I’m here to guide your firm to this vantage spot – “Sunrise point”. Let me know if that interests you.

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