PSMJ: Rethinking Design Practice

I represent PSMJ Resources in Australia & New Zealand, so I could be accused of bias. The reason I represent PSMJ is that the organization is the most forward-thinking player in improving design practice – specifically design for construction.

There are a few other organizations offering related services, but none has anything like the reach and depth of PSMJ’s service offerings.

These services, while not touching every aspect of design practice, thoroughly cover the key areas of:

  • Financial management
  • HR Management
  • Strategic Planning & Growth
  • Ownership & Leadership Transition
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

PSMJ is also a world leader in providing knowledge and training in CRMProject Management, and as of 2014 offers training in BIM (a Design Management topic).

For a complete picture of PSMJ’s support for design professionals, see; and for services and training available in Australia/NZ, see