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ABC Architects Model System Structure

by Charles Nelson »

This paper describes the structure of the quality management system that Building Technology Pty Ltd originally developed in 1992 for a group of 23 practices in Canberra. It is by no means the only way to organise the information, but it works for those who use it. You can see that all administrative procedures are grouped together, as are project procedures.

This is because most staff just need one set or the other. There is little point in providing them with documents they don’t need. The administrative procedures become, in effect, the firm’s “office manual”. (continued)

Read the paper: ABC~Architects below

PF10: Project Document Register & Transfer

This paper-based method of keeping track of project documents is, in my experience, the most widely used system on the planet. It is amazingly efficient. But try to convert its logic to a computerised model; it turns out to be quite difficult (several programmers said “Forget it”).

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