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Quality in Project Management: A comparison of PRINCE2 and PMBOK

by Peter Whitelaw »

This comparison takes each part of the PMBOK and provides comments on what match there is with elements of the PRINCE2 method. It’s purpose is to examine the level of compatibility between two approaches. It can be used to identify where additional material is required to be added or changed to training in one or the other in order to cover both approaches. (continued)

An abridged version of this paper was published as Chapter 7.11 in Managing Quality in Architecture.

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Quality in Project Management: PRINCE2 and ISO 9001

by Peter Whitelaw »

PRINCE2 is a structured project management methodology. It consists of a series of processes that a project manager, and other members of a project team, can follow to effectively undertake a project. PRINCE was developed in the United Kingdom in 1975 and underwent several enhancements after acquisition by the UK government in 1979. A consortium of 150 European organisations contributed to the revision and PRINCE2 was released in 1996. It is now a de facto world standard in use in over 40 countries and many thousands of organisations.

The method is a complete and logical set of processes that ensures that all aspects of a project are addressed. It is based upon common sense. (continued)

This paper was published on the original MQIA.com site in support of Chapter 7.11 in Managing Quality in Architecture.

Read Peter’s paper: PRINCE2 & ISO 9001 below