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Five landmark papers by Australian researcher Paul A. Tilley and colleagues on design & documentation quality and its impact on construction quality, the effect of using of RFIs to obtain document clarification, and lean design as a potential methodology to improve design/documentation quality. »



Improving Design and Documentation Quality

by Paul Tilley, Stephen McFallan & Ron Sinclair »

This paper outlines a research project that was undertaken to identify ways to improve the quality of design and documentation being produced in Australia. The paper outlines the overall aims of the project and highlights the results achieved from a national survey of clients, designers, contractors and other consultants.

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Design and Documentation Quality and its Impact on the Construction Process   

by P.A.  Tilley, S.L. McFallan & S.N. Tucker »

This paper outlines an Australian study that was undertaken to investigate not only the causes for a perceived decline in the quality of design and documentation being provided to Australian contractors, but also the effects that poor quality design and documentation have on construction process efficiency.

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Indicators of Design and Documentation Deficiency 

by Paul A. Tilley, Adam Wyatt and Sherif Mohamed »

The ‘Request for Information’ (RFI) process, where contractors and subcontractors formally obtain information clarifications regarding the contract documents supplied is very common throughout the Australian construction industry … more to come

Cost-cutting Leads to Poor Value

P. A. Tilley and Roy Barton »

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Lean Design Management – A New  Paradigm for Managing the Design and Documentation Process to Improve Quality?

Paul A. Tilley »

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