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Quality in Design Management

by Scott W. Braley, FAIA, FRSA »

Regardless of your role or perspective in the design and construction process, managing design quality is a fundamental consideration. Design is the defining core competency of design professionals, and it is a highly regarded skill among building professionals as well.

Moreover, notwithstanding the sometimes flip and incendiary comments of some, clients do care about design and they do care about quality. In fact, everybody cares and everybody wants design quality managed. That interest and concern is pervasive, it is expansive and it is essential.

Unfortunately, as design professionals we face a troubling conundrum. As both a designer and consultant, my experience has been that it is both frustrating and ill-advised to attempt to limit or define the boundaries of design in the overall project development process.

That experience is shared by Design Managers around the globe. As much as some might like, you cannot simply draw a ring around “design” and then “manage” design. That is the first lesson we must learn, and it is a constant thought we must maintain as we address quality in design management.

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Quality in Market Positioning

Scott W. Braley, FAIA, FRSA

This chapter is organized to address three key facets of market positioning. We begin by offering working definitions of market “position” and market “positioning.” We then outline a variety of issues to be considered as the Design Professional focuses on market positioning.

We conclude by describing a straightforward method that can be used to identify desired market position and necessary positioning actions.

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Ed. note: The short excerpts above are from 2 papers Scott Braley wrote for Managing Quality in Architecture. Condensed versions of these papers were published as Chapter 5.3 and 6.3 in that book.