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Thoughts on the Coxe/Maister model vs. the Heifetz model of work

by Kyle V. Davy »

The Coxe/Maister model was a significant breakthrough in strategic thinking about professional service firms developed by David Maister. Maister’s basic point was that you have to balance the overall firm design (staff, organisational structure, and economic structure) around your choice of the project types – and in his case he set out the classic set of three types which you address. He then carefully links the choice to the economic business model (selling hours) that I believe is at the heart of his model. (This was how the “best practice” attorneys, accountants, and management consultants that he primarily worked with did it.) (continued)

This paper was prepared by Kyle Davy and referenced in Managing Quality in Architecture to extend the discussion in Chapters 8.3 and 11.1.

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