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The Innovative, Visionary Practice

by James Cramer »

What turns a sleepy firm into a fast growing, visionary office that gains market share in each of its service segments? Why are clients consistently attracted to a relative handful of certain firms? Despite the daily assault of traditional marketing tactics, we believe clients are actually persuaded most often by the power of word of mouth and by what they hear from trusted sources. We sometimes refer to this simply as “buzz”. We hear the following differentiators create that hum: relevance, likeability, vision, and an uncommonly high service IQ. Does your firm have a compelling agenda for the future? (continued)

Ed. note: Jim Cramer’s paper, written in 2002, is completely relevant today. This paper guided my thinking in writing parts of Managing Quality in Architecture.

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30 Trends to Watch Today

by James Cramer »

  1. Research and innovation are increasingly differentiators for design firms. Some firms conduct specialized research for their clients on a fee basis. Others conduct research as a part of their overhead and include the information in special reports that are circulated to the press and to client organizations. Buzz results. When architects and designers put forward innovative ideas to benefit their clients they are seen as change agents who create strategic new business models. (continued – the other 29 predictions)

Ed. note: Jim Cramer’s predictions in 2002 are now into their 13th year. They’re worth reading, and thinking about. An outline of his predictions was included in Managing Quality in Architecture.

Read Jim’s paper 30 Trends to Watch Today below.