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Commodity, Firmness and Delight in Design-Build

by John P. Beveridge, AIA »

While it has been addressed very well in other parts of the Handbook, as an architect I feel compelled to provide my own “take” on quality in architecture and construction. I believe that classical Roman architect Vitruvius defined quality best when he determined the necessary components of architecture itself:

Firmness: How sound and well built is the structure?

Commodity: How successful is the structure in satisfying its purpose?

Delight: Does the structure contribute to the beauty in this world? Does it stir the heart?

For each member of the Design-Build team, (owner, builder, and architect) these three key components are obviously important. (continued)

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Ed. note: The short excerpt above is from a paper John Beverige wrote for Managing Quality in Architecture. A condensed version of his paper was published as Chapter 6.9 in that book.