D06.01 MQIA Contributors – first edition

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23 guest authors and contributors, many of them outstanding leaders in their field, lent their thinking and expertise to help create Managing Quality in Architecture (first edition, 2006). They are listed below. Click on their names to learn more about them and what they are doing, and find links to their contributions and papers. (Links not yet connected – coming!)

Ava Abramowitz, Esq., Hon. AIA: Lecturer, author and trainer, negotiation skills, Waterford VA

Janet Allison: Janet Allison Consulting, Natick MA

Ray Andrews: Andrews Group, Melbourne VIC Australia

John Beveridge, AIA: John Beveridge Architect, Essex CT

Scott W. Braley, FAIA FRSA: Braley Consulting & Training, Atlanta GA

Dr. Penny Burns: AMQ International, Adelaide SA Australia

James Cramer, Hon. AIA: Greenway Consulting, Atlanta GA

Gerald Davis, AIA, CFM, IFMA Fellow, ASTM Fellow: International Centre for Facilities, Ottawa ON Canada

Ellen Flynn-Heapes: SPARKS: The Center for Strategic Planning, Alexandria VA

Paul Hinkley, BE AMAIPM CMC: Meta Consulting, Melbourne, VIC Australia

Gérald de Kerchove: PdK Consulting, San Raphael CA

Dr. Deborah King-Rowley: Burlington Consulting, Melbourne, VIC Australia

Hideki Kiyono: Mitsui Fudosan Company Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

Stanley Mehlhoff, AIA: PM/CM Japan KK, Tokyo, Japan

Jack Reigle: SPARKS: The Center for Strategic Planning, Alexandria VA

Dr. William C. Ronco: Gathering Pace, Inc., Bedford MA

David Standen, AM LFRAIA: Perth, WA Australia

Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA: PSMJ Resources, Inc., Newton MA

David Sutherland: Fender Katsalidis Architects Pty Ltd, Melbourne, VIC Australia

Françoise Szigeti: International Centre for Facilities, Ottawa, ON Canada

Paul Tilley: Lecturer – Construction Management, Faculty of Health, Engineering & Science, University of Southern Queensland, Springfield, QLD Australia

Alan Travers: Civil Construction Products Pty Ltd, Melbourne, VIC Australia

Peter Whitelaw: Rational Management Pty Ltd, Melbourne, VIC Australia