Knowledge to forge your future

Is architecture at a fork in the road?
One path to an unrealized opportunity?
Or the other to a slow erosion of relevance?

We have a choice: Take control,
or cede the little control we have.
Watch the sun rise, or set?

We can take control, if we seize the opportunity.

Present reality overview:

  • The most rapidly evolving environment in history
  • Information overload, doubling every two years
  • Flow-on fragmentation of design specialties
  • No framework for coordinaton and integration
  • Constant downward pressure on fees
  • Flow-on difficulty in maintaining quality
  • Increasing liability and risk

What is our preferred future?
Time to rethink the way we've always done it?

If your goals include:

  • A profitable, growing practice
  • Retain, enhance & acquire client relationships
  • Effectively & efficiently manage risk
  • Deliver high quality service & design
  • On-time , on-budget, above quality expectations – then ...
hex-outline hex-outline hex-outline rethink

Rethinking leads to change
Change is scary, but the alternative is irrelevance

Rethinking your practice business systems will present opportunities for increased revenue, margins and growth

Analysing client relationships includes understanding your clients’ perceptions and adopting a new client-focused culture

Re-evaluating your risk management approach will ensure your clients and your practice are adequately protected

Changing the way you've always done it can reap significant benefits for your practice

Updating & improving your quality system will ensure you continually meet / exceed client quality expectations

Assessing the effectiveness of your design processes will stimulate innovative and viable design solutions

Updating your project management approach will ensure schedule, budget, quality and scope outcomes are met

Your guide

Easy so far. But that's not Control.

Now the forest gets denser, the trail steeper.

"The profession" won't take control; because of a "way we've always done it" mindset. Individual practices have to lead a new way; the profession might follow.

I've wandered these woods for more than 50 years; I know them like the back of my hand.

I know the way to Sunrise Point, if you want to go there.