Practice knowledge node

If you asked 25 architects to divide up the main functions of professional practice, you would get at least 25 different structures. You’d probably get many times that, since every architect, by nature, would figure out alternative schemes. Since there is no “standard” way of thinking about it, any way is valid. I believe there are six main areas:

  1. Managing the Practice
  2. Managing Client Relationships
  3. Managing Risk
  4. Managing Quality
  5. Managing Design
  6. Managing Projects

Managing the Practice is about running a business – a business focused on providing design services to clients. It has (in this DesignNode model) 5 main functions.

  1. Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring KNode
  2. Practice Communication KNode
  3. Strategic Planning KNode
  4. Financial Planning KNode
  5. Managing Resources KNode
  6. Managing Change KNode
  7. Ownership Transition KNode